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Legend:  spicy spicy  

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T9. Spicy Ginger Beef Spicy

Crispy Shredded Beef tossed in a Spicy Gingery Sauce

T7. Honey Garlic Spareribs

Crispy Spareribs tossed in a Minced Garlic & Honey Sauce

T2. Peppery Chicken Spicy

(Bone-in or Boneless) Crispy Chicken Stir Fried with Dried Chilli
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T13. Sweet & Sour Boneless Pork

Deep Fried with Sweet & Sour Sauce

T6. Sauteed Diced Lamb with Cumin Spicy

Stir Fried with Cumin & Chilli Flakes

T1. ChongQing Style Boiled Basa Spicy

T11. Griddle Spicy Squid Tentacles Spicy

Hot Pot Squid with Special Spicy Sauce

T10. Griddle Organic Cauliflower

T17. Sauteed Pork Belly with Chilli Pepper Spicy

T4. ChongQing Pork Blood Curd Spicy

Beef Tripes & Spicy Pork Blood with Vegetable in Hot Pot

T16. Szechuan Wok-Fried Spicy Pot Spicy

Squid, Shrimp & Ham with Lotus Root, Mushroom, Cauliflower, Potato & W...

T3. Spicy Pork Kidney Spicy

Stir Fried with Green Onion & Bamboo Shoot

T15. Szechuan Style Preserved Pork Spicy

Sauteed with Vegetable, Dried Bean Curd & Chilli Peppers
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T12. Sweet & Sour Basa

Deep Fried Basa Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce
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T14. Minced Pork with Pickled Green Beans

T5. House Special Chilli Prawns Spicy

Spicy Prawns with Potato in Special Sauce